and art, can’t forget the art:


I finished reading Show Your Work by Austin Kleon long after I read his first book Steal Like an Artist – read both, they’re meaty.

Next: what book to read? I could read some poetry by Raphael Block as well as the 300 arguments. I will tackle that and leave the others for later.

I finally ordered a glass leather case for my fountain pen collection. Beginning from the left (cheapest) to the right (most expensive) is:

no idea – super cheap something.
Jinhao X750, Abcsea blue & white porcelain series: ceramic, Chinese painting – bamboo.
4 pilot metropolitan – pop collection.
Lamy Safari (broke my original, waiting for replacement – empty slot.)
Faber-Castell Loom.
Lamy 2000.
Pilot Vanishing Point (my favorite of all – writes like butter.)

I thought it would be fun to have a desk “toy” so I found this place: Mini Materials and bought the whole pallet of cement blocks. When I was young I used to work for a block masonry crew.  It brought back memories. However, I’m letting them go. Why? they make a gritty mess all over your desk. I thought it would be fun, like an adult version of Legos but the fine grit spread all over your workplace isn’t worth the cool factor. I will try something else.

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