defining my what…

What do I do? I paint abstract paintings, that’s obvious. What isn’t obvious are the details. There are many paths to an abstract painting.

I’ve been taking a while to think about where my paintings are going. I want to get into more galleries and I need to unify my work if I’m going to have a chance at all.

What might that look like. I asked myself what do I really like in an abstract painting?

  1. I love the square. I learned to love this shape when I was involved in photography. So what happens when I don’t have something square to begin with? I mask off what isn’t square and paint the square within. I’ll use an offset square high on the paper.
  2. I love hard edges, clean and crisp.
  3. I love color glazes, being able to see a little of what’s underneath.
  4. I love the grid but I’m not afraid to “wreck” the grid if I need to.

Let’s see if I can keep myself on track for a good long time.


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