Well I got my 5 red ring series done and now I return to tweak my high horizon series. I didn’t like the black stripe, so I took that out, still not done, but close.


Then I reworked my other painting to fit this series better. I think this is done.

And another experimental 11″ x 14″ on paper. I like this and I this is a good start. It needs lots of development…



Here is a quick study on linen paper 11″ x 14″
Yellow Orchre, Naples Yellow and Prussian Blue in pure form then mixed with the P. Blue.

then I taped another piece of 11″ x 14″ paper down on my board…andIMG_2769

and painted this: P. Blue and Naples Yellow straight from the tube.


For something fun and different I pulled my old bamboo shade down and realized I have an Agnes Martin….-ish blinds, LOL. If you don’t get it, Google Agnes Martin under images, you will.



Finally got all of my paintings edge work done, then I decided to clean and then I’ll go back and install hanging wire etc.

I cover my table with plastic and use it as my ‘palette.’

messy table rightmessy table left

I wish I would have done this from the get go, but nooooo.. but now I do

clean table

My messy tray top, middle and bottom
messy tray topmessy tray middlemessy tray bottom

and now the more organized tray, still not great but muuuuuch better.clean tray topclean tray middle bottom

Now you actually ‘feel’ like making art.


Today was one of those days to work on the boring stuff. Painting edges black. It will go on tomorrow as well.

I ordered some new paint. I got two tubes of Prussian Blue, in watercolor and acrylic.

I will be getting some Naples yellow as well. I thought a series of Prussian Blue and Naples Yellow might be interesting. I like the dull flat matte of the P.Blue

The top half is the P. Blue in watercolor, very airy and loose.
Below in the middle is the acrylic, to the left is Yellow Ochre and to the left is the mixture of the two.